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Its really difficult managing two blogs let alone manage one. With lots going on we had practically abandoned our Tamilcuisine till Prema whirled around and added new recipes. That got me started and I added quite a few today. My mouth is watering just typing these links.. Check them out and let the bloggers know what you tried !!

For veggies :
Uppadam – From Tastypalettes
Sodhi from VCuisine
Vaazhaipoo kola urundai From Premas cookbook
Carrot vadai From Sobilas menu
Eggplant medicinal curry from MathyFor non-veggies :

Aatu kaal Paaya
Mutton Brain Masala
Mutton Liver Fry – All from Josephs’ Kitchen

The dish is here but do you know how to serve and eat on a Banana leaf ? Whats the big deal you ask? Check out Mangai’s Eating on Banana leaf – 101 ( Post is in tamil )

We have compiled more from the Tamil kitchen. Check out for more new tamil recipes …If you blog features Tamil kitchen, drop us a line at We shall include your blog in the blogroll.

Bounty from the farmers’ market. cherry tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, bittergourd, Amaranth leaves, japanese eggplant, ginger, chillies, an unknown greens

Food for some Thought – Thirukural :

“Inna seidhaarai oruthal avar naana nannayam seidhu vidal”

“The best way to punish someone who has hurt you is to do them good which would make them feel ashamed of themselves”


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