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What have you done Sailu ??? JFI -3

What have you done Sailu ??? You hosted “Jihva for Dals” and all the food blogs are flooded with Dal recipes. People are trying out different dal recipes!!! Now I went to the Indian stores and guess what ?? Dals are in shortage – No kidding Guys !!!! A big pack of any Dal is $7.99. That too not more than one packet per customer. The Dals dont come to the shelf. I had to pick up mine from the packing area..

I wish Sailu was the reason – but itseems there is a shortage in production of Dal in India and imports have gone down itseems. People in Bay Area already know what I am talking about !!!! How is it in your area ??? Is it the same in all places or these local grocery guys playing some fool with us ???

For my part to this I am going to post my entry for JFI. I know this post is a bit late for JFI. I saw some of the great recipes. Especially the one by Pushpa – never knew I would have to discover a new one with Dal. Dal Pasta ???

Well for the holiday weekend, after almost 5 years I had a blast of time with fire crackers – There was a stall where they sold fire crackers,(on occasion of independence day in USA) and in a park near by we had such a fun time lighting the fire crackers. It was a really great experience.


So since I have very good reason to have skipped Jihva for Dal on July 1st. But I made the dish in advance – Ulunthangali ( Urad dal halwa ). This dish is typically given to girls when they attain puberty, for it is said to strengthen the bones making it easy during child birth.

The ingredients are simple – coarse urad dal, sugar, gingely oil or ghee. My mother uses gingely oil in this recipe

So here is the procedure:

1. Roast the dal slightly till aroma comes
2. Coarse grind the roasted dal
3. Heat a pan add a tsp of gingely oil and the ground powder
4. Add sugar ( half cup of sugar to 1.5 cups of powder ) and little bit of water
5. Keep stirring until the dal is cooked around 5 to 10 mins. Take care not to burn the dal. If it becomes dry and sticks to the pan add water or oil.
6. Switch off and allow it to cool.
7. Add a dab of ghee or gingelly oil before serving


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  1. Hmmmmmm looks good
    thanks for sharing 🙂

    Comment by zingtrial | July 8, 2006 | Reply

  2. Yes, I’ve noticed this in the Bay Area too – bought a bag of toor dal the other day that usually would have cost $5 that cost almost 8!
    I heard that India has limited exports of dals temporarily so that its domestic prices for these food items aren’t inflated beyond reach of average consumer. At least I hope it’s temporary….hmmmmmm…life without dal would be rough!

    Comment by Diane | July 8, 2006 | Reply

  3. Too bad the dal crisis in US. Well understandable I guess. We wouldnt want the common man in India to suffer. I guess it will resolve soon, nothing to worry. Imagine no DAL!!!

    Revathi, this is a new recipe to me and sounds interesting. Thanks for the participation and see you at the round up

    Comment by sailaja | July 8, 2006 | Reply

  4. That’s such a different dish, Revathi. And great to know about it being given to adolescent girls. I am learning so many new things about the different cultures of India through food blogs.

    Comment by Vaishali | July 8, 2006 | Reply

  5. never had urad dal halwa before. nice pics and thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Comment by starry nights | July 9, 2006 | Reply

  6. Indian stores in our place have almost tripled the price and some stores now put some restrictions on the number of pounds of toor dal per purchase. Hope this sitation melts off soon.
    A very different recipe, thank you

    Comment by archana | July 9, 2006 | Reply

  7. Nice Recipe. Looks like suji halwa.
    Yes There is a shortage of dals and wheat as well. There was newspaper cuting in desi store here which stated that there is a shortage of wheat as num 1 and lentils as num 2. and the prices might go normal after mar 2007 ….The owner said that there is no guarantee the supply will continue after its over….God Help India !

    Comment by Neelu | July 9, 2006 | Reply

  8. Neat recipe Revathi.. never heard abt it before.

    Here in Suburbs of LA 10 Lb toor dal is almost 20$ 😦

    Comment by santhi | July 10, 2006 | Reply

  9. Revathi, super halwa..eppova sapidunom polla irruku…

    En kekirenga, paruppu price ellam roomba erri pochu..Yesterday when i had been to the indian grocery store in Edison,NJ, as we dont get all the indian vegetables in our area, i was totally shocked to see the prices..ammadiyo, enna vella..

    Just for a small pack of T.Dal i had to pay 7$ and the big packs were about 15$..I wish this crisis comes down soon.

    Comment by sudhav | July 10, 2006 | Reply

  10. neat receipe..I remember gulping this down every month when I was in school:)…
    My mother would add some shredded coconut and toasted almonds to it to give it extra can also make this same receipe with grinding soaked urad dhal..

    Comment by Sumi | July 10, 2006 | Reply

  11. can we use any other oil, i have neve r heard of gignely oil

    Comment by Neelu | July 11, 2006 | Reply

  12. Wow ! That’s a nice recipe. Have never had this before.

    Comment by Krithika | July 11, 2006 | Reply

  13. I usually stock up atleast 3 months worth of Indian groceries from my trips to New Jersey or Pittsburgh, mainly because we don’t have any Indian grocery shops here where I live.

    We are actually planning a trip next month both for work as well as for groceries. I hope the prices would comedown by that time.:)

    Comment by Indira | July 11, 2006 | Reply

  14. Neelu: I think gingelly oil is also known as sesame oil. Not the toasted chinese sesame oil though – just the regular old stuff.

    Comment by Diane | July 11, 2006 | Reply

  15. Neelu :

    Since this is typically given to adolescent girls the oil of choice is gingely oil due to its medicinal properties. During the initial days of puberty we are all given this oil to drink !!!! No kidding….

    If you dont want to use gingelly oil, u can use ghee. You can use other oils too, the benefits of urad dal will still be absorbed by our system..

    Comment by Revathi | July 11, 2006 | Reply

  16. Indira :
    the crisis is said to last till diwali..So dont know. Hopefully it will come down. We had good rains in India this year..

    Diane :

    Thanks for the comments. So when are you starting your blog.. I am eager to see what kind of cuisine you would cook 🙂

    Thanks Sailu to include my late entry 🙂

    Vaishali :
    Gingelly oil is very important in Tamil culture – mainly for its medicinal properties. We are made to drink gingely oil during the first few days of puberty.. Drinking oil is really really yuckkkk….

    Comment by Revathi | July 11, 2006 | Reply

  17. Krithika


    Great to know about the variation. Yes almond was another source of protein.

    Thanks for the comments girl.

    Thanks for the comments Archana.

    I think LA ranks highest in the price hike 😦

    Starry Nights
    You can try it its really easy and healthy one 🙂

    Comment by Revathi | July 11, 2006 | Reply

  18. Krithika :

    Thank you for the comments..

    Comment by Revathi | July 11, 2006 | Reply

  19. Yeah, dal has gone really high. Try buying from were a big bag (4 lbs) of most dals including toor dal is only $8.99. My wife and I would have paid double that locally!

    Comment by Anonymous | July 20, 2006 | Reply

  20. dahl is expensive in san antonio too. people are fighting in the aisles! what are we going to do??

    Comment by Anonymous | July 22, 2006 | Reply

  21. Dear Revathi,

    Interesting to hear about the dal shortage following Sailu’s decision to host the JFI contest..If one could prove it really were becoz of Sailu, I’m sure we could all unanimously say “Hats off”!

    I’m also a tamilian, married and settled in Chennai. Vanakkkam!!!!!!! I love vazhaippu puttu and also vazhaippu vadai, which is prepared in more or less the same way as masala vadai, with soaked and coarsely ground gram dal, finely chopped onions, green chillies and curry leaves. The above ingredients are mixed together along with vazhaippu, shaped like vadais and deep fried!

    Meenakshi at PRITYA

    Comment by PRITYA | August 11, 2006 | Reply

  22. Ive found a great website that has dal at great prices. They have 4lb packs of all dals for $5.99 delivered to your door. Ive ordered from them and their quality is excellent.

    Comment by sachin86 | September 5, 2006 | Reply

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    Comment by Anonymous | October 4, 2006 | Reply

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    Comment by Anonymous | March 6, 2007 | Reply

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