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After two weeks of blogging food that I really enjoyed and proud to present – I was very happy to see the feedback for my recipes. I was over-joyed that other fellow bloggers had a peek into what I had posted and left some comments that I read and re-read and re-read and re-read many times 🙂

For a novice in blogging, it really meant a lottttt. Thank you guys –
Anjali, Diane, Vineela, Santhi, Priya, Saffron Hut, Tanuja, Puspha, Kitchenmate, Sumi, Vaishali, Priya Balabhaskaran for posting comments and ofcourse thanks to Anthony for including my Soya fritters for the 14th Curry mela. Thanks to all the food-lovers who had a peek into my blog. Keep coming !

I am still not very sure of the direction my food blog is going to go. Food tasted and savoured at my home in Chennai, tasty food with no or very little oil, food that are definitely nutritious are all the thoughts in my head right now.

OK. I have something to show you all – I proudly present “The Mann Chatti ( clay pot ) ” – The mann chatti – fish curry of Kitchen mate was too tempting to resist – This weekend I bought 2 of those and I was really really lucky to find them here in Bay area. I have started using it for boiling potatoes for now to remove the soluble outer clay ( if any, trying to be cautious thats all ! )

Thats all for now. Happy Blogging !


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  1. Ur so lucky u found the pots revathi waiting to see ur version of fish curry cooked in this pot.

    Happy cooking:)

    Comment by Tanuja | April 12, 2006 | Reply

  2. Where, oh where did you find them in the Bay Area? I have one (lovingly carried back from Kerala with me), but it’s quite small and I’d love to get another here at home. Do tell!

    Comment by Diane | April 13, 2006 | Reply

  3. Hi Diane,
    I found it in the Coconut Hill in Newark. But its not found always. But you can try 🙂

    Comment by Revathi | April 13, 2006 | Reply

  4. you are most welcome revathi..
    Just keep doing the good work :):):)

    LUV the manchettis BTW..

    Comment by Santhi | April 13, 2006 | Reply

  5. Revathi: COngrats on the go!!!
    You are doing a cool job and you are bring out the best part.
    Good to see the mannchatti and they look cool. Keep up the good work and we will go hand in hand:)
    BTW:Thanks for the mention:)

    Comment by Kitchenmate | April 13, 2006 | Reply

  6. Thanks, Revathi. I go by Coconut Hill every month or two (I’m not so close to it) so will keep my eyes open when I am there…

    Comment by Diane | April 14, 2006 | Reply

  7. thats something i want! I got two from back home,but both broke!!!!! I have an old one,but it now has holes!!! :-((

    Comment by Inji Pennu | May 9, 2006 | Reply

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